2 reasons why 14 is my lucky number

My lucky number is definitely 14. Yes, I am kind of superstitious but that is something I might post about another time. So here we go.

1:  Basketball

I play basketball at a high level and we get to pick our own numbers for the games. I got 14 for the first season and now I am always that number because of one small superstition. The season that I was 14, we came from the bottom of the ladder to third in the state and, even though it probably isn’t true, I like to believe that the magic of my number helped us.

2:  My birthdate

I was born on the 14th of July. I am not going to reveal the year because that is not important. If you write it in numerals, it is 14/7. If you double the seven then it is 14/14 and I think that is kind of cool!


So yeah, this was a lot shorter than I thought but oh well.  I DEFINITELY think 14 is a lucky number and there are other small superstitions as well.